12th of January, 1997

Shure SM7B, Shure SM57B, Shure SM58B

Musically bands/artists like (Early/Late) Ensiferum, Jari Mäenpää (Wintersun), Petri Lindroos, Be’Lakor, Black Tongue (Alex Teyen), Shadow of Intent (Ben Duerr), and Job for a Cowboy (Jonny Davy).

For lyrics: fantasy, approach of the world, inner emotions described in poetic sense and own creations / tales.

About me:

I’m Tijn, a self-taught extreme metal vocalist and graduate of the Metal Factory, the first Metal orientated school in the world (based in Eindhoven, NL).

Over the years, I’ve been/am part of several bands like Depths of Kronos, and Buried Son (both Death Metal orientated). Further, I’ve also been producing for my own projects: Godsfarm (Brutal Death Metal) and Bastard Bound (Dark-Folk). Besides being a vocalist, I’ve been playing the Bass for years and a little bit of guitar as well.

I’m very devoted to the connection between performer and crowd, let everyone collide with the essence of the live experience. I’ve been a huge fan of Fantasy/Medieval movies, games and stories since I was very young.  That’s what have granted me the ability to reach deep into the thematics of the world, and beyond. Writing stories and songs always have given me room to breathe and reflect, feeling freedom in every concept you write. 

I’m very glad to be part of the giant (Nephylim), a very driven and heartwarming band, here to overtake in our own form of creation.

Strive forward!