27th of March, 1992


LTD EC-200QM; Hapas Zaes & Baehemoth; D’addario strings; ENGL Invader 100; Shure GLXD16
Effects from Ernie Ball, Fortin, Hotone, Maxon, Mooer, MXR and TC Electronics.


In terms of musically inspiration bands such as Insomnium, In Mourning, Words of Farewell, Sawllow the Sun, Alcest, Les Discrets, and Tribulation/Jonathan Hulten.

For writing lyrics mainly socio-political issues and personal experiences, but I try also to incorporate (the “visualization” of) historical events and my personal field of work/interest: science. 

About me:

Born in Amsterdam during the spring of 1992 on a Friday afternoon, so loving the weekend is present since the very beginning. Started to play the (acoustic) guitar at the age of 7, influenced/triggered by my older cousin Hans (Bass player of Amaezing Snäke). At the age of 10 I discovered the magnificence of the electric guitar, heavy/heavier music and “collecting” guitar pedals. During my teenage period had several bands, not much, from which Deamension was the most successful/worth mentioning.
Besides Nephylim, I also got a solo project “Neige”, in which I try to catch the essence of dreams/dreaming into purely musical melodies. However due to my busy schedule this project is on hold. 

Apart from music I’m a “techie” hence I’ve got a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering (University of Twente) and I currently work as a Mechanical Engineer in the city of Eindhoven. I’m loving the design process in which I need to use my creativity to design “something out of nothing” which fulfill the needs of the customer(s). 

In the little spare time I have left I love to watch some football, play a bit of tennis or grab a drink/spend time with friends.